Goldie, an elderly neglected golden, had to start eating her tail to survive. Read her inspiring story here.  We are lucky to have supportive people - don’t get a pet if you can’t care for it! 

Woman raised $400 dollars to get this man his dog back. The details are a little unclear but nice to see them back together :)

Gay dog going to be euthanized?  Not if the internet has anything to do about it! Read more here.

Gay dog going to be euthanized?  Not if the internet has anything to do about it! Read more here.



her younger years.



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Boulder, CO, please keep an eye out.




Hi everyone. Thanks to support, we have increased the reward from $200 to $1,000 for Ella’s safe return.

Let’s recap:

LAST SEEN: Ella was originally lost on Saturday, January 19th. She was spotted on Curry Drive, Monday January 21 and AllensPark (County Road 82 E) on Thursday, January 24. Last spotting was Pole Hill Road running towards 36 on Wednesday, January 30th.

DESCRIPTION: White Shetland Sheepdog, 40 lbs. Brown head, white body with brown spot. 

“Ella is a sheltie. They love to hide in corners and burrow into places. check under your stairs, in corners or any sort of cozy area where she may huddle. If you see her, just leave her be and call!”

No collar/tags, but she is microchipped and Avid has been notified. If she is scanned, they will contact us.
Local shelters have been notified. Police as well. Companies with employees who drive the area daily, such as Waste Management, Baja have also been notified.
Thank you for your continued support in working to bring Ella home. Please share and I’ll be happy to give out any more information as necessary.

-Ryan (Ella’s dad)


Contact Info:

1) Ryan Knapp (on facebook)
2) ‘Bring Ella Home’ FB page (more pics and info) —
3) Call or text 716-998-1711 - Ryan Knapp
4) Email —
5) message Dessa Fell on tumblr —

Please reblog, the more people see this the better chance she has of getting home.

Thank you so much!

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The ending song is a little questionable, but that’s okay, this is still cute.


Dog - Perro - Galgo - Colors.


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